Álvaro Pereira Jr

 Reporter, TV Globo, Brazil

Twitter: @alvaropereirajr
Álvaro Pereira Jr is a São Paulo-based senior correspondent with Globo TV, South America’s largest broadcaster. Focusing on science and technology -but not only-, he has reported from a number of less-visited foreign locations such as North Korea, Indonesia, Ukraine, Belarus, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago and the Colombia-Venezuela border, among others. He is a four-time Emmy International nominee for news. He holds degrees in Chemistry and Journalism from Universidade de São Paulo, and was a Fulbright Scholar at the Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT. Álvaro has held a number of different positions at Globo, both on- and off-camera. He was co-creator and first director of content of g1.com.br, a Globo-affiliated news portal, currently Brazil’s leading online outlet for news. He was also a frequent contributor and columnist for “Folha de S.Paulo”, a major newspaper in Brazil.