Buzzing ISOJ

For all the outlets I mentioned in yesterday’s ISOJ FAQ, I left out one of the most intriguing – and recent – players in the social media world: Google Buzz. Although it hasn’t hit a mass appeal tipping point as of yet, the service is one that’s still getting plenty of use and attention.Joshua Braun was nice enough to set up a dedicated Buzz feed for the symposium to aggregate all talk of the event in one place. Since the idea is Joshua’s, I’ll let him give you the rundown.


The 2010 International Symposium on Online Journalism is nearly underway, and the organizers are encouraging ( everyone at the conference—and those following along at home—to connect with one another using social media services.

On Twitter, all this will be coordinated via hashtags, but given that Buzz doesn’t use them (and at least some Buzz users oppose their introduction here), I thought one nice way to aggregate ISOJ’s Buzz activity might be to start a Buzz thread where people can post links to their own symposium-related Buzz items. Use the comment thread below to promote your own ISOJ Buzz threads. To find this post again easily in the future, you can browse to its permalink ( and bookmark it temporarily.

You can also use Google’s Buzz search, of course, to bring up ISOJ-related threads. I use this quick link ( while logged into Buzz to bring up a search for ISOJ. Note that for folks who aren’t logged into Buzz, there is currently no way to search public Buzz items, so this thread may be the only way they can aggregate symposium-related posts.


This is a fantastic idea, and one that should provide an even greater wealth of coverage for the symposium. Some of you have already e-mailed with your blog links as well, and this year’s event is shaping up to be one of the most covered and interactive in the history of the conference. Go to the link and start buzzing!