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It’s not the old op-ed page anymore! Editors will discuss the growth of opinion in online journalism at ISOJ 2021 panel

Increasingly, the traditional opinion sections of newspapers have evolved to adapt to the digital media ecosystem, while new forms of opinion journalism emerge. It’s not the old op-ed page anymore: there are platforms, collaborations, networks, and media outlets allowing opinion journalists to express their work in less traditional ways. From newspaper editors to independent journalists, …  Read More

Turning the news into conversation: ISOJ 2021 panel focuses on community management and audience engagement

News consumption doesn’t have to be a passive experience. Readers should be able to participate in the news process, making media and journalism more interactive and accessible to all.  Five community management and audience engagement directors, strategists, and innovative journalists will take part in an ISOJ panel on this topic, with a focus on how …  Read More

ISOJ panel on online violence against women jounalists will discuss ways to combat this global scourge

Women in journalism increasingly face online threats, harassment, violence and attacks every day. UNESCO reports that 73% of women journalists who responded to a recent global survey have experienced online violence in the course of their work, while 25% experienced physical violence, 18% were threatened by sexual violence, and 20% were attacked offline as a …  Read More

ISOJ panel on collaborative journalism: How the lone wolf investigative reporter joins regional & global packs

Investigative reporting used to be the work of a solitary journalist known in the newsroom as a lone wolf. Since the advent of the internet, however, the lone wolves have discovered the advantages of being part of packs — regional and global, transnational networks that take advantage of collaboration, especially in investigations of topics that …  Read More

Check out the program for ISOJ 2018 and register now to participate in this unique global conference on online journalism

*Registration is closed for ISOJ. But you will be able to follow the conference via live streaming at, on YouTube and Facebook. The program for 19th International Symposium on Online Journalism is now available. ISOJ 2018 features more than 60 speakers from around the world who will explain and explore the latest innovations and …  Read More