Emilee Gilpin

Managing Editor, Indiginews (Canada)

Emilee Gilpin is managing editor at IndigiNews. She has spent her career as a journalist advocating for more equitable representation in media, anti-oppression training for journalists and accurate coverage of Indigenous Peoples, cultures and communities.

Before becoming managing editor at IndigNews, she led National Observer’s ‘First Nations Forward’ special report. Emilee produced most of the reporting on the first two years of the series from 2017-2019 and managed the project throughout 2020. With a keen focus on stories of leadership and success, she practices relationship-based reporting, documenting Indigenous governance, self-determination and alternative ways forward.

Her stunning visual, verbal and written journalism for First Nations Forward twice earned her the Canadian Association of Journalists nomination for “Emerging Indigenous Journalism.”

She is Métis, Filipina, European (3rd & 4th gen. settler) and sees her mixed ancestry and identity as a strength in the work of witnessing, listening, and holding truth to power. She now resides in the traditional territories of the W̱SÁNEĆ Peoples on so-called Vancouver Island.