Volume 1, Second Issue of the #ISOJ Journal

The International Symposium on Online Journalism has published its second issue of #ISOJ academic journal, featuring articles that are based on research papers presented at the symposium in April 2011. This issue focuses on the impact of social media in journalism, the sociological nuances impacting organizational structures and processes in newsrooms, and the interactive features of today’s news sites.

Table of Contents

Volume 1 | Issue 2

Gatejumping: Twitter, TV News and the Delivery of Breaking News | Dale Blasingame

Experiments In Location-Based Content: A Case Study of Postmedia’s Use of Foursquare | Timothy Currie

Friends Who Choose Your News: An Analysis of Content Links on Facebook | Brian Baresch, Dustin Harp, Lewis Knight, and Carolyn Yaschur

Stopping the Presses: A Longitudinal Case Study of the Christian Science Monitor Transition From Print Daily to Web Always | Jonathan Groves and Carrie Brown

The Active Recipient: Participatory Journalism Through the Lens of the Dewey-Lippmann Debate | Alfred Hermida, David Domingo, Ari Heinonen, Steve Paulussen, Thorsten Quandt, Zvi Reich, Jane Singer, and Marina Vujnovic

Is the Medium the Message? Predicting Popularity of Top U.S. News Sites with Medium-Specific Features | Angela Lee