Volume 5, Number 1 Issue of the #ISOJ Journal

Celebrating the fifth year of publication of #ISOJ, this volume highlights the major transitions underway in the journalistic practice from gatekeeping practices to the influence of digital platforms on content and journalistic routines . The research in this year’s volume also explores the impact of social media on the profession.

Table of Contents

Volume 5 | Issue 1

Gold medals, black Twitter, and not-so-good hair: Framing the Gabby Douglas controversyKathleen McElroy

Data journalism: An explicationCindy Royal and Dale Blasingame

Leaning conservative: Innovation and presidential campaign coverage by U.S. newspaper websites in the digital age | Jane B. Singer

Back and forth in time: Online news archives and presence as transportationTerry L. Britt

Getting my two cents worth in: Access, interaction, participation and social inclusion in online news commenting | Fiona Martin

Digital divisions: Organizational gatekeeping practices in the context of online newsJoshua M. Scacco, Alexander L. Curry, and Natalie Jomini Stroud

#Ferguson strategic messaging: How local journalists and activists used Twitter as a communication tool | Amber Hinsley and Hyunmin Lee

Picking the NYT Picks: Editorial criteria and automation in the curation of online news comments | Nicholas Diakopoulos

Tap, scroll down, chat and more? Examining the influence of mobile applications and interpersonal discussions towards political participationJoseph Jai-sung Yoo, Pei Zheng, Hyeri Jung, Victoria Y. Chen, Shuning Lu and Thomas J. Johnson

Journalists, gatekeeping, and social interaction on Twitter: Differences by beat and media type for newspaper and online news Frank Michael Russell

Live tweeting a presidential primary debate: Comparing the content of Twitter posts and news coverageKyle Heim

The age of digital collaboration: A case study of Arquitetura da Gentrificação, a Brazilian collaborative platform for citizen journalismSoraia Herrador Costa Lima de Souza