Friday Research Panel

Distributed Content: Can journalism survive and thrive in a media ecosystem where publishers don’t control their distribution channels?

Chair and presenter: Vivian Schiller, independent advisor, formerly with Twitter, NBC, NPR and New York Times

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Can advertising still subsidize journalism? The ad blocking war and the news organizations’ efforts to create new revenue streams

Chair and presenter: Jeff Jarvis, professor and director of Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism, CUNY

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Special keynote panel with the leaders of five nonprofit journalism organizations

Chair and presenter: Emily Bell, director, Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School

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Journalists as activists and activists as journalists: Has the internet blurred the line between journalism and activism/advocacy?

Chair and presenter: Pam Fine, president of ASNE and Knight Chair for News, Leadership and Community at University of Kansas

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Friday Research Panel

Chair and discussant: Amy Schmitz Weiss, associate professor, San Diego State University - ISOJ research chair

  • The Economics of Accountability Journalism: What Price Is Right?

    James Breiner, University of Navarra (Spain)

  • "Security by Obscurity": Journalists' Mental Models of Information Security

    Susan McGregor and Elizabeth Anne Watkins, Columbia University

  • Journalism: How One University Used Virtual Worlds to Tell True Stories

    Leonard Witt, Farooq Kperogi, Claire Bohrer, and Solomon Negash, Kennesaw University and Gwenette Writer Sinclair, CEO/Owner, 1Virtual World Development

  • Interactivity, social presence, and journalistic use of Twitter

    Jeremy Littau, Lehigh University and Mi Rosie Jahng, Hope College

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Messaging as a platform and bots as a news service

Chair and presenter: Trei Brundrett, chief product officer, Vox Media

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Saturday Research Panel

Chair and discussant: Kathleen McElroy, assistant professor, Oklahoma State University

  • Did you get the buzz? Are digital native media becoming mainstream?

    Lu Wu, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Toward Omnipresent Journalism: A Case Study of the Real-Time Coverage of the San Antonio Spurs 2014 NBA Championship Game

    Zhaoxi Liu, Trinity University

  • 6 things you didn't know about headline writing: Sensational form in viral news of traditional and digitally native news organizations

    Danielle Kilgo and Vinicio Sinta, University of Texas at Austin

  • Quieting the Commenters: The Spiral of Silence's Persistent Effect on Online News Forums

    Hans Meyer and Burton Speakman, Ohio University

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Global round up: Creative solutions for online journalism challenges around the world

Chair: Maria Teresa Ronderos, director of the Program on Independent Journalism, Open Society Foundations

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Virtual Reality, the new frontier of journalism storytelling

Chair: Shazna Nessa, director of journalism program, Knight Foundation

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