REPORTR.NET: iPad lessons from ‘The Daily’

Kilpatrick_Designing for iPad and Other Mobile Devices_2011
John Kilpatrick, vice president of design for The Daily, speaks during the 12th International Symposium on Online Journalism on Apr. 1, 2011. (Knight Center/Flickr)

John Kilpatrick, vice president of design for The Daily, provided an inside look into the new iPad app at the ISOJ.

The Daily is a custom application with a custom content management system that was built from the ground up for product.

The idea is to be able to create custom experiences everyday, exploring what works and what doesn’t work, he said.

Kilpatrick explained that the experience of news on a tablet is difference from print or the web.

The Daily’s approach was not to be platform agnostic, but rather create something for a specific news experience on a specific device.

What we have created is a curated experience, said Kilpatrick. So it is digital, but not endless.

The approach at The Daily draws from broadcast, print and web, he explained. From broadcast, the lean back experience. From print, it’s finite, From the web, it’s interactive and connected.

But it also wants to avoid some of the pitfalls of other media, such as the overuse of breaking news in broadcast, PDF-style app from print and long scrolling pages from online.

The design team was drawn from the New York Times, AOL, Vogue, Live Nation, film production and more.

Kilpatrick ended by running through some of the editorial content, its advertising and its original use of video, and offering some insights.

He has found that people mainly use the iPad at night in the US and most people are connected when they are reading The Daily.

Sixty percent of readers view The Daily vertically and 40% horizontally. But Kilpatrick also added that many shift orientation during usage. What this means is developing pages that work both ways.

ISOJ 2011: John Kilpatrick, from Knight Center on Vimeo.