(Sanchez) Wang Jiapeng

Senior Operations Director, Caixin.com

(Sanchez) Wang Jiapeng(Sanchez) Wang Jiapeng is Senior Operation Director of Caixin.com, the online division of Caixin Media, one of China’s prominent financial news organization. He is also a member of Caixin Media’s Editorial Board.
As a founding member of Caixin.com, Wang has taken up many roles in the newsroom since 2009, as regional correspondent, video producer, and chief editor of international news.

Wang holds a Master of Journalism degree from The University of Hong Kong, and a Bachelors degree from China’s Fudan University, with a major in Environmental Science.

Wang is a panelist for “Accountability journalism in polarized societies around the world” at ISOJ 2017 (April 22 at 3:40 p.m.)

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