María Florencia Haddad

PhD student, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

María Florencia HaddadTwitter: @mflorhaddad
María Florencia Haddad is a journalist and PhD student in social sciences, with an orientation in communications and culture at the Center of Advanced Studies at the National University of Córdoba. She has a B.A. in Social Communications from Santiago del Estero Catholic University is also a graduate of Colegio Universitario de Periodismo. She is currently working as coordinator of CUP INNOVA (CUP Innovates): research center and lab. She is head professor of “Narrative and Writing 101” at Colegio Universitario de Periodismo and head professor of the seminar for “Final Undergraduates’ Work” at CUP, in articulation with Santiago del Estero Catholic University. María Florencia is guest professor of Scientific Research Methodology for the Judicial Law Specialization course at Universidad Católica de Córdoba. She is currently dedicated to researching university learning on the grounds of Multiple Intelligences theory.