Darryl Fears

Environmental Justice Reporter, The Washington Post

Fears was on the “covering the climate crisis” panel at ISOJ 2023. Watch the presentation here.

Darryl Fears@bydarrylfears
Darryl Fears is a reporter on The Washington Post’s climate team who covers environmental justice — the intersection of race, inequality, poverty and disproportionate pollution. He was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2022 for “a sweeping series of stories about environmental racism.” He also received a Pulitzer Prize in 2020 for his contribution to a groundbreaking investigative series about the alarming impact of climate warming on hotspots across the globe. During his tenure at the Post, Darryl has covered national race and ethnicity issues, immigration and federal prison sentencing disparities. He was one of three staff members who conceptualized the award-winning 2006 series, “Being A Black Man.” In recent years, he has reported on the Interior Department, wildlife and the Chesapeake Bay. Before joining the Post, he worked for the Detroit Free Press, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Los Angeles Times.
As a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University, he is studying the current and historic impact of federal, state and local government decisions on air quality and health in Black, immigrant and low-income communities.