Juan Luis Font

Journalist and Radio Host, ConCriterio (Guatemala)

Font was on “The exile journalism” panel at ISOJ 2023. Watch the presentation here.

Juan Luis Font@JLFont001
Juan Luis Font is a Guatemalan journalist who recently left his country after facing persecution from authorities who intended to silence him. He continues to broadcast both ConCriterio TV and Radio ConCriterio from the United States. ConCriterio is a news and debate multimedia platform that sees continuous audience growth.
Juan Luis was awarded the Latin American Studies Association Journalism Award on May 2016.
Until January 2017, he was executive editor and leading anchor of Canal Antigua, a TV channel specializing in political and social debate in Guatemala, the most populated country in Central America.
As a print media journalist, he founded and was executive editor of Revista ContraPoder, a weekly news magazine in Guatemala City. That was not the first media outlet he co-founded — he also started elPeriódico de Guatemala 18 years ago and was its managing editor for 16 years. He participated in the creation of Diario Digital, a website targeting millenial news consumers, as well.
Juan Luis started as a journalist 32 years ago at Cronica weekly magazine. He also worked in local print media (Siglo XXI, a daily), was a correspondent for the Mexican magazine Proceso and for seven years hosted the most popular radio talk show, A Primera Hora, at Emisoras Unidas de Guatemala.
He earned his MA in investigative journalism at Florida International University and also holds a BA in Law and Social Sciences from Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala.