Efrat Lachter

Investigative journalist, Channel 12 News (Israel)

Knight Wallace Fellow, University of Michigan

Lachter is a speaker at the 25th ISOJ, happening from April 12 – 13, 2024, both online and in person at the University of Texas at Austin.

Efrat LachterEfrat Lachter is an investigative journalist and a war correspondent for Israel’s Channel 12 News . Lachter has directed and produced more than 200 documentary segments on topics including human trafficking in Sudan and Israel, modern-day slavery in Malawi, orphans in Ukraine, internal political corruption in Israel, and a women-and-children-only village in the Kurd-controlled area of Syria. As the first female war correspondent in her newsroom, much of her work has illuminated the lives of women in conflict zones. A recipient of the 2022 Shimon Peres Center for Peace Award, she is currently a 2023-24 Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellow at the University of Michigan.