Marc Lavallee

Director, Technology, Product and Strategy/Journalism, Knight Foundation

Lavallee moderated the panel “Using OSINT and SOCMINT for war coverage, investigative reporting and fact-checking” at the 25th ISOJ. Watch the presentation here.

Marc LavalleeMarc Lavallee joined Knight Foundation in May 2022.
He is the director of technology product and strategy for the journalism program. Marc brings more than two decades of experience as a software developer and technology executive in the journalism industry to this role.
Prior to joining Knight, Marc worked at The New York Times for over a decade, where he led cross-functional teams of developers, designers and product strategists in the newsroom and on the business side. In 2016, Marc launched a new research and development unit focused on applying emerging technologies like machine learning and 5G in the service of journalism.
Previously, he was a software developer and technology architect at various news organizations, including NPR, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe and National Journal.