Sonal Shah

CEO, The Texas Tribune

Shah was a speaker on the panel “How should journalism and platforms constructively address the global challenge of polarization?” at the 25th ISOJ. Watch the presentation here.

Sonal ShahSonal Shah is the chief executive officer at The Texas Tribune. She has started and led social impact efforts in academia, government, and the private and philanthropic sectors for over 25 years. Previously, she served as interim executive vice president at United Way Worldwide. Sonal founded The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) in Houston and founded and led Georgetown University’s Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation. Her background in government and policy include leading the White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation in the Obama administration, serving as an international economist at the Department of the Treasury, and as policy director for Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign. In the private sector, Sonal led Goldman Sachs’ environmental strategy and Google’s global technology and impact investment initiatives. Sonal grew up in Houston, earned a B.A. in economics from the University of Chicago and an M.A. in economics from Duke University.