Styli Charalambous

CEO, Daily Maverick

Twitter: @StyliChara
Styli Charalambous co-founded Daily Maverick in 2009 with editor-in-chief, Branko Brkic. Over the last decade, he helped launch new products and the organisation’s membership plan while navigating industry disruption and the country’s politics.

His official role at Daily Maverick is that of publisher and CEO which translates into “he who constantly fights fires – sometimes successfully but always only after morning coffee.” Daily Maverick has grown to almost 100 full-time staff, sending out 15m newsletters per month and generates a 1/3rd of revenue from readers. In 2020, Styli also helped launch its weekly newspaper.

He is passionate about solving the disruption of media industry and focuses most efforts on new revenue models, product, technology and membership.