Emerging Business Models Panel

The University of Texas hosted the ninth annual International Symposium on Online Journalism during April 4 and 5. The two day lecture series hosted speakers from Argentina to Zimbabwe to discuss changes occurring in journalism due to the rise of multimedia and online content.

Traditional media are struggling to adapt their old business models to respond to the devastating effects of disruptive, digital technologies, while a new generation of media companies is creating fresh, innovative new models. Will those efforts result in profitable businesses that would finance journalism as it happened during the last century?

During the Emerging Business Models panel, guest speakers explored what changes need to be made in journalism in order to stay relevant and profitable.


Neal Burns
Professor, Advertising Department, UT Austin

Ken Riddick
Vice President, Digital Media, Hearst Newspapers

Richard Anderson
President and CEO, Villagesoup.com

Michael Smith
Executive Director, Media Management center, Northwestern University

Staci Kramer
Co-Editor of ContentNext Media/PaidContent.org