ISOJ journal breaks new ground again: no more gap between conference and publication

old-ISOJ-logo-hashtagFor the first time, #ISOJ – The official journal of the International Symposium on Online Journalism will be launched at the first day of the conference, containing peer-reviewed research papers presented during that same conference. The new issue of the journal will be available in paperback and e-book editions on the morning of ISOJ’s opening, Friday, April 19.

“This journal has been innovative since it premiered in 2011 because it was the first journal of its kind that was launched in multiple editions on multiple platforms,” said Rosental Alves, the founder and chair of ISOJ and co-editor of the journal. “Now, we are making an effort to eliminate the usual gap between research presentations at conferences and publication in a peer-reviewed journal.”

A special session during the conference is scheduled at 11:30 a.m. on April 19 for the launch of the journal’s sixth issue (Volume 3, Number 2). The journal, with 16 carefully edited articles, will be published in a 318-page paperback edition, in addition to e-book editions for Kindle, available at Amazon, and Nook versions, available at Barnes & Noble.

“This year’s issue features 16 peer-reviewed articles of quality academic research that gets at the heart of what the ISOJ is about, what the journal stands for, and compliments the past volumes of amazing research being done by top-notch scholars in digital journalism today,” said Amy Schmitz Weiss, the co-editor of the journal and research chair of the symposium.

During that same session at ISOJ, authors of the top-ranking papers, according to the blind review process, will be awarded with commemorative plaques.

“The #ISOJ journal has been at the forefront of innovation and this launch of the journal at the conference is another demonstration of that innovation,” said Schmitz Weiss, who is also an assistant professor of journalism at San Diego State University. “The journal has a bright and exciting future – we have a lot more exciting innovations planned for future volumes. Furthermore, we are very happy to announce that the journal has acquired an ISSN, another major step for the journal,” said Schmitz Weiss.

For journal abstracts, please visit the ISOJ website.