Volume 7, Number 1 Issue of the #ISOJ Journal

This seventh issue of the journal focuses on the role of audience engagement editors in the newsroom, the impact of product development on the journalism practice, the power of the Medium platform for publishers and independent journalists, and journalists’ perceptions of statistics and data journalism. In addition, the issue also examines the importance of podcasts in today’s news environment, the social capital investment in digital news startups, and the power of digital media on memory of significant news events.

Table of Contents

Volume 7 | Issue 1

Knowing the Numbers: Assessing Attitudes among Journalists and Educators about Using and Interpreting Data, Statistics, and ResearchJohn Wihbey and Mark Coddington, Northeastern University and Washington and Lee University

Audience Engagement Editors as Newsroom Intermediaries | Karin Assmann and Nicholas Diakopoulos, University of Maryland

Managing Digital Products in a Newsroom Context | Cindy Royal, Texas State University

Decoding the Podaissance: Identifying Community Journalism Practices in Newsroom and Avocational Podcasts | Marcus Funk, Sam Houston State University

The News of Your Youth: Memory and Subjective Experience of Time During Major News Events | Terry Britt, University of Missouri

Social Capital to the Rescue of the Fourth Estate: A Playbook for Converting Good Will into Economic Support | James Breiner, University of Navarra, Spain

An Exploratory Exercise on Journalistic Initiatives on Medium | Maria Clara Aquino Bittencourt, University Unisinos, Brazil