Volume 8, Number 1 Issue of the #ISOJ Journal

"This themed issue of #ISOJ is a response to, as well as a test of, two related premises. It is a response to the observation that we know far more about what journalists do differently in a digital age than about how, if at all, they think differently about what they do. And it is a test of the proposition that while “habits of practice” – what journalists do – have obviously changed enormously over the past quarter-century, “habits of thought” have been remarkably resilient (the positive spin) or resistant (the less-positive one) in the face of this transformation. Instead, #ISOJ 2018 offers six engaging and informative takes on ways in which journalists are changing not just their practices but also the mental processes that they bring to the job. Our authors highlight new patterns of thinking about stories and audiences, about the use and the purpose of new forms of data, and about journalists’ own activities now and in the future." - Dr. Jane Singer, Guest Editor

Table of Contents

Volume 8 | Issue 1

Special Themed Issue: Habits of Thought, Guest Editor: Dr. Jane Singer, City University, UK

Guest editor’s note by Dr. Jane Singer

Invited essay: A reflection by Joshua Benton

“Don’t read me the news, tell me the story”: How news makers and storytellers negotiate journalism’s boundaries when preparing and presenting news storiesJan Boesman and Irene Costera Meijer

Journalists’ perceptions of solutions journalism and its place in the fieldKyser Lough and Karen McIntyre

The narratives and routines of journalistic productions based on open data | María Florencia Haddad and Elena Brizuela 

Quality, quantity and policy: How newspaper journalists use digital metrics to evaluate their performance and their papers’ strategies | Kelsey N. Whipple and Jeremy L. Shermak

Changing “habits of thought”: An examination of eight years of digital evolution at the Christian Science Monitor | Jonathan Groves and Carrie Brown 

Journalists thinking about precarity: Making sense of the “new normal” | Henrik Örnebring