Knight Center announces workshops for ISOJ 2021

The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas at Austin has just announced the workshops for the 22nd International Symposium on Online Journalism, a premier online journalism global conference.

For the second time, ISOJ will be held completely virtually from April 26-30, 2021, sponsored by the Knight Foundation and Google News Initiative. Registration for ISOJ Online 2021 is now available for free at Similar to last year, the program will spread from Monday to Friday, and each day’s activities will start with a keynote speaker, followed by a workshop and two panels.

ISOJ will also be hosting a one-hour workshop each day on a variety of topics and essential skills in digital journalism. The topics include climate change, global newsroom innovations, separating news from opinion, new digital tools to add to your toolbox, and more.. The five workshops are as follows:

Monday, April 26:

  • Lessons from the Global South: How innovation has helped newsrooms around the world
    • John-Allan Namu, Africa Uncensored – Kenya
    • Ludovic Blecher, Digital News Initiative Google
    • Styli Charalambous, The Daily Maverick – South Africa
    • Maria Li, Tech in Asia, Singapore
    • Innbal Menashri, Haaretz – Israel
    • Tai Nalon, Aos Fatos – Brazil

Tuesday, April 27:

  • How to develop secure communication with sources and a drop box for whistleblowers 
    • Harlo Holmes, Freedom of the Press Foundation

Wednesday, April 28:

  • Going beyond advanced search: Google tools for journalists 
    • Juan Manuel Lucero, Google News Lab – Argentina
    • Mary Nahorniak, Google News Lab

Thursday, April 29:

  • Covering climate change: Best practices for how to localize a planet-sized story
    • Frank Mungeam, Local Media Association and lead for LMA Covering Climate Collaborative
    • Bernadette Woods Placky, Climate Matters
    • Amal Ahmed, Texas Observer
    • Donovan Quinterro, reporter, Navajo Times and DEI committee chair, Society of Environmental Journalists
    • Mark Schleifstein, reporter, Advocate

Friday, April 30:

  • How to work towards a news ecosystem that cleanly separates news from opinion 
    • Subramaniam (Subbu) Vincent, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University
    • Patricia Lopez, The Star Tribune
    • Kate Harloe, NewsQ
    • Connie Moon Sehat, News Quality Initiative

To view the entire program for the symposium and review the impressive group of international journalists, technologists, media executives, and researchers speaking at ISOJ click here

The 22nd International Symposium on Online Journalism will also feature two virtual parties where ISOJers can mingle and network on the first and last days of the conference, Monday April 26, and Friday April 30. Additional updates for ISOJ Online 2021 are available on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

ISOJ 2021 is free, but the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at University of Texas at Austin accepts donations to ensure that it can continue offering free access to a diversity of free training programs for journalists. In addition to ISOJ, the Knight Center offers the Iberian American Colloquium on Digital Journalism (a conference in Spanish the day after ISOJ) and many online courses, including MOOCs that are open for all journalists and anyone interested in journalism. It also publishes LatAm Journalism Review, a trilingual digital magazine. If you would like to support the Knight Center, please click here.