Alex Clark

Founder and CEO, Press Patron

(Video of Clark’s presentation at ISOJ2018 is below bio, along with article from ISOJ team)

Alex ClarkTwitter: @kiwialexnz
Alex Clark (New Zealand) is the founder of PressPatron, a funding platform that provides payments and membership infrastructure across a network of media websites. Alex is a former editor, journalist and media researcher. His MA thesis evaluated a range of new business models for journalism, including a comparative analysis of voluntary memberships, donations, paywalls and content bundling. PressPatron launched in New Zealand and Australia in 2017, and recently began expanding into the USA.

Clark was presenter of the panel REVENUE: E-commerce, events, membership and the search for new revenue streams at ISOJ 2018 on Friday, April 13 @10:30 a.m.

Read the story covering Clark’s panel here.