Cinthia Membreño

Digital Strategy Director, Confidencial (Nicaragua)

(Video of Membreño’s presentation at ISOJ2019 is below her bio, along with an article from the ISOJ team)

Cinthia Membreño
Cinthia Membreño is the digital strategy director of Confidencial, one of the few independent news outlets in Nicaragua. Currently based in Costa Rica, she works together with editorial, sales and institutional departments to develop new strategies that broaden the scope of the journalistic content, increase audience engagement and strengthen the brand, in order to achieve its business goals.
Prior to this position, she worked as the editor of Niú, Confidencial’s culture, technology and lifestyle magazine, and as a freelance consultant in content marketing both in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Membreño was a presenter for the panel “Global roundup: Journalism in the age of authoritarians, populists and polarization” at ISOJ 2019.

Read the story covering Membreño’s panel here.