Journal Volume: Volume 7 Issue 1

Volume 7, Number 1 Issue of the #ISOJ Journal

This seventh issue of the journal focuses on the role of audience engagement editors in the newsroom, the impact of product development on the journalism practice, the power of the Medium platform for publishers and independent journalists, and journalists’ perceptions of statistics and data journalism. In addition, the issue also examines the importance of podcasts in today’s news environment, the social capital investment in digital news startups, and the power of digital media on memory of significant news events.  Read More

Knowing the Numbers: Assessing Attitudes among Journalists and Educators about Using and Interpreting Data, Statistics, and Research

By John Wihbey and Mark Coddington Understanding statistics and quantitative information is becoming increasingly important to journalism practice. Drawing on survey data that includes more than 1,000 journalists and 400 journalism educators, this study offers unique comparative perspective on the attitudes of both journalists and educators. Journalists are found to see more value in the …  Read More

An Exploratory Exercise on Journalistic Initiatives on Medium

By Maria Clara Aquino Bittencourt This work presents an initial exploratory exercise of a research project which investigates the transformations and continuities of digital journalism through an in-depth study on journalistic initiatives on the Medium platform. This study identifies the use of Medium as a platform for independent journalists and publications and, at the same …  Read More

Managing Digital Products in a Newsroom Context

By Cindy Royal Digital media tools provide new ways for media companies to distribute information and engage the public. This study explores the emerging, technology-influenced role of managing digital media products through the observations of innovators and early adopters in these positions. It assesses the attention to, or lack thereof, traditional journalistic standards and ethics …  Read More

Decoding the Podaissance: Identifying Community Journalism Practices in Newsroom and Avocational Podcasts

By Marcus Funk Scholars and journalists are fond of contrasting podcasting with terrestrial radio. The better comparison, however, is with traditional community journalism. This almost year-long qualitative analysis of newsroom and avocational podcasts adopt a predominate focus on specific niches and articulate traditional news values. This study argues that podcasters are better at articulating internal …  Read More

Social Capital to the Rescue of the Fourth Estate: A Playbook for Converting Good Will into Economic Support

By James Breiner Digital media entrepreneurs often lack the financial capital necessary to launch and sustain their operations and appear to be unattractive investments. However, there is ample theoretical work about how businesses and organizations harness social capital through networks to secure financial capital. Also, new digital media can become attractive investments when their social …  Read More

Negotiating Change: Audience Engagement Editors as Newsroom Intermediaries

By Karin Assmann and Nicholas Diakopoulos   In an effort to address their newly empowered and increasingly fragmented audiences, many newsrooms are hiring editors tasked with audience engagement. This paper investigates this new genre of news workers, the scope of their activity and their roles within news organizations. Interviews with 22 audience engagement editors working …  Read More