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Trends in online journalism research highlights the importance of audiences and engagement

With journalism currently battling social media, there has been the question and research into how journalists and newsrooms have been engaging with their audience. The panel “Research breakfast: Trends in Online Journalism Research” was held on the second day of the 19th International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ). This panel included five professors talking about …  Read More

ISOJ panelists expose ‘fake news,’ highlight tools and practices to improve flows of accurate information

Watch video of the discussion panel on tools to improve the flow of accurate information, from ISOJ 2018. Jennifer Preston, former social media editor at the New York Times and vice-president of journalism at the Knight Foundation, introduced the ISOJ panel on trust, by underlying the foundation’s commitment to finding ways to battle misinformation in …  Read More

Journalists discuss media ethics and reporters’ responsibility at ISOJ

  At the 15th annual International Symposium of Online Journalism, scholars and journalists discussed issues of ethics in journalism and the changing standards. In the third section of the symposium, Tom Rosentiel led a panel that included four participants from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.  Each presenter was given around 15-20 minutes …  Read More

Emily Bell’s five guidelines for journalism success

Emily Bell started the second day of the ISOJ conference by setting a guideline of five points for what journalist should do. Her five principles are specialization, transparency, working in public, organizing and collaborating, and becoming faster and better. The co-author of Post-Industrial Journalism: Adapting to the Present, Bell also cited ways in which journalism …  Read More

Reading Readers: Research on the News Community

Audience preference and editorial judgment: A study of time-lagged influence in online news Angela M. Lee, University of Texas at Austin and Seth C. Lewis, University of Minnesota  Through data analysis of three online papers — The New York Times, the New York Post, and the New York Daily News — Lee and Lewis found …  Read More

Innovating with a Press Cafe

Mark Briggs, author of Entrepreneurial Journalism and director of Digital Media at KING 5, Seatle “It’s about making the money so you can support the journalism,” Mark Briggs said. Briggs said the historical wall between marketing and journalists is no longer present. He said it might not have been a vacuum, but it’s the selling …  Read More

The Journalist’s Toolbox

#Memstorn: Twitter as a Community-Driven Breaking News Reporting ToolCarrie Brown-Smith, University of Memphis Twitter and the hashtag #memstorm allowed users in Memphis, Tenn., to share real-time weather news following a series of powerful storms in April 2011. Brown aggregated and categorized these tweets into different categories. Users posted accounts and direct observations of the storms, …  Read More

Guillermo Franco

News executives, reporters, and journalists alike flocked to the ACES building on the University of Texas at Austin Campus on Friday. The 9th International Symposium on Online Journalism brought in conference panelists to discuss the newsroom for the digital age. Guillermo Franco, editor of the Columbia news site,, stressed that journalists are not just …  Read More