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ISOJ Panel: Media startups mark change and innovation for future of journalism

  The young news ventures represented at the panel “Journalism star startups: building innovative media outlets for the digital age,” on the second day of the 15th International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ), were certainly embracing digital media as the future of journalism. With services ranging from covering violent crimes through arrests and hearings to creating a trustworthy …  Read More

ISOJ Keynote: Jim Bankoff, Vox Media CEO, to talk about how to build a media company in the digital era

Influential journalist Ezra Klein’s decision to leave the Washington Post — where he created the popular Wonkblog — and join online publisher Vox Media is the perfect example of the growing importance of the young yet incredibly successful company. “We are just at the beginning of how journalism should be done on the web,” Klein, …  Read More

Bob Metcalfe on Journalism Startups

Fitting into a theme that has permeated the symposium, Bob Metcalfe, who was responsible for developing the media rainforest’s irrigation system, the Ethernet, didn’t pretend to have a catchall scheme to monetize news. During Saturday’s opening keynote speech, Metcalfe suggested a model of micro payments in which readers make fractional payments for interesting content. “How …  Read More