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Pulitzer Prize winner discusses mental health concerns and resources for journalists during ISOJ lunch workshop

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Mar Cabra addressed widespread mental health issues faced by journalists, speaking at the 24th annual International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) about the rising rates of anxiety and depression now found amongst media professionals after the pandemic. “The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) did a research on the effect of the …  Read More

Cómo las redacciones pueden abordar salud mental y bienestar: taller en ISOJ 2023 con Mar Cabra

Click here to read this article in English. Mar Cabra ve venir una “revolución inevitable de salud mental” para el periodismo. “Para mí, es una transformación similar a cuando tuvimos que empezar a pensar en lo digital en el proceso periodístico”, dijo. “Ahora estamos agregando un elemento más a tener en cuenta en las historias …  Read More

Devastated by the Ortega-Murillo administration, Nicaraguan journalism bets on resistance, resilience and reinvention

“Brave,” “hopeful,” “combative,” and “creative.” This is how four Nicaraguan journalists described in one word the journalism that is carried out in their country during the panel “SOS Nicaragua: Imprisoned, persecuted and exiled journalists” that took place on April 3 during the 15th Ibero-American Colloquium on Digital Journalism at the University of Texas in Austin. …  Read More

Mental health and wellbeing of journalists take center stage for panel discussion at ISOJ

The COVID-19 pandemic and social crises around the world have brought an important and often overlooked aspect of journalists’ lives to the forefront: mental health and wellbeing. The psychological and emotional impacts of dealing with the pandemic were the most difficult aspect of work for found that 70 percent of respondents of the global survey “Journalism …  Read More