Author: Teresa Mioli

Coloquio Iberoamericano de Periodismo Digital celebra 15 años con charlas sobre libertad de prensa, innovación y desinformación

El Coloquio Iberoamericano de Periodismo Digital celebró 15 años con un regreso presencial y online. Durante los últimos dos años, la conferencia fue virtual debido a la pandemia. Como en ediciones anteriores, el Coloquio se realizó un día después del Simposio Internacional de Periodismo Online(ISOJ), el domingo 3 de abril, y contó con el patrocinio …  Read More

Ibero-American Colloquium on Digital Journalism celebrates 15 years with talks on press freedom, innovation and disinformation

The Ibero-American Colloquium on Digital Journalism celebrated its 15-year anniversary with a return in person and online. For the last two years, the conference was virtual because of the pandemic. As in previous editions, the colloquium took place the day after the International Symposium on Online Journalism, on Sunday, April 3, and was sponsored by …  Read More

ISOJ returned in 2022 as a hybrid conference, with nearly 300 people in Austin and almost 1,000 virtual attendees from 90 countries

After two years of being a virtual-only conference due to the pandemic, the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) returned in person and online, and in full force, from April 1 to 2, 2022. The 23rd ISOJ was an innovative hybrid conference, with 1,227 registrants, 296 in person and 931 online. Once again, ISOJ was …  Read More

Regístrese ahora para el híbrido 15º Coloquio Iberoamericano de Periodismo Digital, la conferencia post-ISOJ en español

El 15º Coloquio Iberoamericano de Periodismo Digital reunirá a periodistas de la región de manera presencial y virtual para conversar sobre innovación, verificación de datos y desinformación, libertad de prensa y más. El Coloquio, que tradicionalmente se lleva a cabo el domingo siguiente al Simposio Internacional de Periodismo Online (ISOJ), tendrá lugar en el campus …  Read More

Register now for the hybrid 15th Ibero-American Colloquium of Digital Journalism, the post-ISOJ conference in Spanish

The 15th Ibero-American Colloquium of Digital Journalism will gather journalists in person and virtually from the region for discussions on innovation, factchecking and disinformation, press freedom and more. The Colloquium, traditionally held the Sunday following the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ), will take place on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin …  Read More

Nonprofit online journalism executives explain how sector has grown in size and strength over recent years

The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit news organization often studied and replicated by others around the world, has grown to 80 employees and raised $100 million since it launched in 2009. While the viability and sustainability of nonprofit news were once questioned, it’s a business model maturing in the U.S. and many others are joining the Tribune’s …  Read More

Journalists from Asia and Latin America to discuss online journalism and press freedom during special ISOJ lightning session

Through its 2021 World Press Freedom Index, Reporters Without Borders found that “journalism is completely or partly blocked in 73 percent of the 180 countries” it ranks. The organization noted a “decline across the board” in terms of press freedom in Latin America, while Asia-Pacific was hit with censorship and disinformation. Journalists from these two regions …  Read More

ISOJ panelists will discuss benefits and costs of government subsidies and regulations on journalism

When the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better bill in November 2021, there was a line that caught the attention of many in the journalism community: “Payroll credit for compensation of local news journalists.” The price tag was $1.67 billion over five years, and the money would go to newspapers, websites, radio and …  Read More