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At sixth Ibero-American Colloquium on Online Journalism, journalists debate how to make digital media profitable

Around 70 journalists from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal participated in the sixth Ibero-American Colloquium on Online Journalism, an addition to the International Symposium on Online Journalism with a regional focus. The Colloquium is organized by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas and was also sponsored by the Omidyar Network.  This year, journalists …  Read More

Periodistas discuten cómo rentabilizar medios digitales en Sexto Coloquio Iberoamericano de Periodismo Digital

Unos 70 periodistas de América Latina, España y Portugal participaron en el Sexto Coloquio Iberoamericano de Periodismo Digital, el cual es una adición del Simposio Internacional de Periodismo Online (ISOJ) pero con un enfoque regional. El Coloquio es organizado por el Centro Knight para el Periodismo en las Américas y contó con el patrocinio de …  Read More

At the Ibero-American Colloquium on Online Journalism, a call for media to reduce dependency on donations

Non-profit journalism companies get most of their financing from a single foundation or donor, but this model is not sustainable in the long term, warned Kevin Davis, director general of Investigative News Network, which supports 82 non-profit media organizations in 27 US states. Davis spoke about the challenges faced by media organizations before 70 Latin …  Read More

Things to see and do in Austin

  Welcome to Austin, Texas! We consistently rank #1 (or nearly there) on lists of the country’s top cities to visit and live. We’re also a “media hotbed,” as big publishers have flocked to our fair city in recent years. And as you may know, we’re the Live Music Capital of the World. But are …  Read More

Knight Center: Local news, apps, and new ideas by old orgs make Vivian Schiller optimistic about journalism

In her talk “Reasons to be Cheerful: An Optimist’s view on the State of Digital Journalism,” Vivian Schiller gave seven reasons to be optimistic about where journalism is headed. Schiller, who resigned her post as NPR’s CEO last month after gaffes at NPR on her watch, gave a keynote address at the 12th International Symposium …  Read More