Symposium Year: ISOJ 2016

Digital journalism startups shared their experiences at the Ibero-American Colloquium

View video from the startups session at SembraMedia’s site: New digital native media outlets are proliferating throughout Latin America. They have been created by journalists who have become entrepreneurs, driven by necessity—oppression from governments, crisis in traditional media, different types of censorship—or because they felt a drive to innovate online. Some of these entrepreneurial …  Read More

Traditional media and digital native sites come together for the Ibero-American Colloquium on Digital Journalism

For the ninth consecutive year, journalists from Latin America, Spain and the United States gathered after the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) to discuss trends, challenges and success stories in digital journalism in the region as part of the 9th Ibero-American Colloquium on Digital Journalism. The Colloquium, organized by the Knight Center for Journalism …  Read More

Startups de periodismo digital compartieron sus experiencias en Coloquio Iberoamericano

Vea los videos de las presentaciones de startups en la página de SembraMedia: Nuevos medios nativos digitales están proliferando por toda América Latina. Han sido creados por periodistas que se transformaron en emprendedores, impulsados por una necesidad – opresión de los gobiernos, crisis en los medios tradicionales, algún tipo de censura – o porque sentían …  Read More

Medios tradicionales y nativos digitales se dieron cita durante el Coloquio Iberoamericano de Periodismo Digital

Por noveno año consecutivo, periodistas de América Latina, España y Estados Unidos se dieron cita tras la culminación de Simposio Internacional de Periodismo Online (ISOJ por sus siglas en inglés) para discutir sobre las tendencias, retos y casos de éxito en el periodismo digital de la región en el marco del 9º Coloquio Iberoamericano de …  Read More

Journalists from traditional media discuss the transition to digital at Knight Center’s Ibero-American Colloquium

Nearly one hundred journalists from 13 Latin American countries, the United States and Spain gathered on Sunday, April 17 at the 9th Ibero-American Colloquium on Digital Journalism organized by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas at Austin, thanks to support from Google. The subject of one of the …  Read More


More than 400 people from 41 countries registered for the 2016 International Symposium on Online Journalism, featuring keynote speakers Kinsey Wilson of The New York Times, Yoani Sánchez of Cuba’s 14ymedio and Kara Swisher of tech site Recode. For the first time, conference attendees also heard from a keynote panel of leaders of five nonprofit …  Read More

Yoani Sánchez explains how technology has made Cubans more free

A USB memory stick or flash drive represents freedom for many Cubans. Blogger and journalist Yoani Sánchez stated this during the opening panel on the second day of the 17th International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ). “That is much more than a technological device. This small object that fits in a pocket, this is freedom,” …  Read More

Bots and messaging applications continue to evolve, meeting the audience where they are, say experts at ISOJ panel

People in creative industries, including the news media, have become increasingly excited about the future of bots and messaging applications and how they might be used to meet audiences in the digital spaces where they spend their time, heard the audience at the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) on Saturday, April 16. Just the …  Read More