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Increasing Online Revenues Not Matching Print Downfalls

The growth in online advertising is not enough to compensate for decreasing revenues from the downslide of print ads. So, how are mainstream media outlets making up the difference? During a International Symposium on Online Journalism panel titled The Transformations of Business Models- How the Online Audience and Revenues are Changing how Newspapers do Business, …  Read More

Online News Firms Ask “Where’s the Money?”

Advertising income dominates most online newspaper profits, making them vulnerable as classified advertising migrates to non-news sites. “Seventy-nine percent of respondents said in 2005 ‘classifieds are very important to us’,” said Donica Mensing, assistant professor and director of the graduate program at the Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno. “If classifieds turn out …  Read More

Online Journalism Must Evolve

What business are we in? This was the question Steve Yelvington, Internet strategist for Morris Digital Works, asked at the 6th International Symposium on Online Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. Yelvington was referring to the present state of journalism. “Economics in journalism have changed from a scarcity of news to a surplus,” …  Read More

Panelists Share Online Advertising Strategies

If online journalism is to survive, it must provide content that is relevant to a broad-based audience, according to members of a panel that addressed advertising’s role in financing online journalism. “Ad revenues from online ads have a lot of growth potential,” said Steve Yelvington, internet strategist for Morris Digital Works. Ad revenues contributed 50 …  Read More