news year: 2007

Reworking the Newspaper Business Model

When the San Antonio Express News, the Star Tribune and the Dallas Morning News combine their media minds, amazing things happen. The third panel of the day at the International Symposium on Online Journalism discussed forming a new business model for newspaper industries. Since the newspaper companies of the world have just recently taken action toward …  Read More

International Newsrooms and Their Relationship with New Media

As news companies face continuous losses in readership and advertising revenues, one question remains on the tip of everyone’s tongue: will the rise of the Internet determine the fall of print media? Four journalists from around the globe responded to this question and offered their views on the future of traditional newspapers during the final …  Read More

Citizen Journalism Applies to All Ages

Executive Editor of Bluffton Today, Kyle Poplin, spoke on a panel discussing citizen’s participation in the news during the 8th International Symposium on Online Journalism. Mojo-mobile journalists are becoming the norm for online multimedia websites because information is immediate. Bluffton Today allows bloggers of all ages to report on issues and interests in the town, …  Read More

Journalism’s New Age is All About You

As new technology changes the face of journalism and creates new opportunities for reader input, industry innovators and leaders like Jan Schaffer, founder of the J-lab at the University of Maryland, are fascinated by the possibilities. Schaffer spoke during the 8th International Symposium on Online Journalism Friday afternoon dealing with the incorporation of citizens into the …  Read More

MoJo Has a New Meaning

During the fourth panel of the International Symposium on Online Journalism on Friday, journalists focused on the hot topic of citizen journalism. Kate Marymont, Executive Editor of The News-Press in Fort Myers, Fla., started the panel off by offering a new meaning for an old word: MoJo, or mobile journalism as she defines it. Reporters …  Read More

Increasing Online Revenues Not Matching Print Downfalls

The growth in online advertising is not enough to compensate for decreasing revenues from the downslide of print ads. So, how are mainstream media outlets making up the difference? During a International Symposium on Online Journalism panel titled The Transformations of Business Models- How the Online Audience and Revenues are Changing how Newspapers do Business, …  Read More

The Growth and Future of Online Journalism

 Professor Rosental Alves talks about how online journalism is growing, and speculates about the future of the expanding medium of the Internet in a pre-International Symposium on Online Journalism interview.  Read More