Thank you to everyone who attended the 18th International Symposium on Online Journalism in Austin on April 21 and 22, 2017. It was a great success and we couldn’t have done it without the collaboration of all our journalism friends from around the world!

The conference attracted journalists, academics and media executives from nearly 40 countries who met to talk about accountability, fact checking, video, business models, podcasts and more. You can view video of the conference in English and Spanish below.

We’ll see you in 2018!

Video of ISOJ 2017 – Day 1  English and Español

Video of ISOJ 2017 – Day 2  English and Español


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SembraMedia reveals digital media growth in Latin America, but says organizations still face challenges

This post has been edited to correct figures concerning revenue of digital media sites analyzed by SembraMedia. Additionally, some quotes have been edited to improve translation. (*)For other coverage of the 10th Ibero American Colloquium for Digital Journalism, please see below. Women are leaders at more than 60 percent of digital media sites in Latin …  Read More

Latin American and Spanish news sites experiment to reach audience and finance quality journalism

(*)For other coverage of the 10th Ibero American Colloquium for Digital Journalism, please see below. In a global context in which the demand for traditional newspapers decreases and in which the use of information and communication technologies grows, journalists are forced to develop ingenious ways in which to deliver their products. Especially in the last …  Read More

ISOJ 2017 Archive

RESEARCH PANEL: Creating, Producing, and Engaging: Latest journalism practices underway in newsrooms

Chair: Amy Schmitz Weiss, ISOJ research chair, associate professor at San Diego State University

  • Audience Engagement Editors as Newsroom Intermediaries

    Karin Assmann and Nicholas Diakopoulos, University of Maryland

  • Decoding the Podaissance: Identifying Community Journalism Practices in Newsroom and Avocational Podcasts

    Marcus Funk, Sam Houston State University

  • Managing Digital Products in a Newsroom Context

    Cindy Royal, Texas State University

  • Knowing the Numbers: Assessing Attitudes among Journalists and Educators about Using and Interpreting Data, Statistics, and Research

    John Wihbey and Mark Coddington, Northeastern University and Washington and Lee University

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Keynote panel: The transformation of U.S. metropolitan newspapers: How newsrooms have changed from print-centric to digital-centric

Chair and presenter: Mike Wilson, editor, Dallas Morning News

Watch Chair Presentation
  • Nancy Barnes, editor and executive vice president, Houston Chronicle

  • Neil Chase, executive editor, The Mercury News and East Bay Times

  • Kathleen Kingsbury, managing editor for digital, Boston Globe

  • Aminda (Mindy) Marqués Gonzalez, executive editor and vice president, Miami Herald

  • Stan Wischnowski, executive editor and senior vice president, Philadelphia Media Network

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RESEARCH PANEL: Diving Deep into the layers of journalism, the journalism practice and its audiences

Chair: Kathleen McElroy, associate director, UT Austin School of Journalism

  • Social Capital to the Rescue of the Fourth Estate: A Playbook for Converting Good Will into Economic Support

    James Breiner, University of Navarra, Spain

  • A Reinvention Through Opportunities Of Crisis: An Exploratory Exercise On Journalistic Initiatives On Medium

    Maria Clara Aquino Bittencourt, University Unisinos, Brazil

  • The News of Your Youth: Memory and Subjective Experience of Time During Major News Events

    Terry Britt, University of Missouri

  • Through the Twitter Glass: How Social Media Reflect and Influence the Political Climate

    Pei Zheng and Saif Shahin, Ithaca College and Bowling Green State University

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Accountability journalism in polarized societies around the world

Chair: Krissah Thompson, staff writer, Washington Post

  • Carlos Fernando Chamorro, founder and editor,, Nicaragua

  • Ivan Kolpakov, co-founded and deputy editor-in-chief, Meduza,io, Russia/Latvia

  • Stevan Dojčinović, editor-in-chief,, Serbia

  • Malou Mangahas, co-founder and executive director, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, Philippines

  • Luz Mely-Reyes, co-founder and general director, Efecto Cocuyo, Venezuela

  • Martín Pallares, journalist and co-founder, 4Pelagatos, Ecuador

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News startups and new business models: Innovation in the search of sustainability

Chair: Aron Pilhofer, James B. Steele Chair in Journalism Innovation, Temple University

  • Jim Brady, founder and CEO, Spirited Media (

  • Tom Grundy, editor-in-chief, Hong Kong Free Press

  • Juan Luis Sánchez, deputy director,, Spain

  • Janine Warner, ICFJ Knight Fellow and executive director, SembraMedia

  • Li Zixin, founder and CEO,, China

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