Author: Marina Estarque

International scholars: Media needs to serve women better and stop ‘feeding into a sexist culture’ about female politicians

The media’s portrayal of women politicians is perpetuating gender stereotypes and is ‘feeding into an already sexist culture,’ said scholars from around the globe during a research breakfast seminar at the International Symposium of Online Journalism (ISOJ). They highlighted that the way tradicional journalism covers politics also affects how women consume news and engage in …  Read More

The 19th: Stay away from ‘commodity news’ and create a newsroom culture that is a ‘gold standard’ 

The journalists Emily Ramshaw and Amanda Zamora, founders of The 19th, a nonprofit newsroom reporting about gender, politics and policy, want to steer clear of “commodity news” and build a newsroom culture that is the “gold standard for the industry” in terms of diversity and equity, they said during a keynote session July 22 at …  Read More