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Panel shares new ideas on how to fund public interest media globally

Public interest media is adapting to economic difficulties and creating innovative projects and business models in order to survive and flourish, according to the panelists at the International Symposium of Online Journalism’s workshop titled, “Seeking New Ideas to Fund Public Interest Media in the U.S. and Globally.” In April 2020, BBC Media Action and Luminate …  Read More

News consumers are reporting highest level of trust in media in a decade. Here’s how newsrooms should build on that

News organizations can take steps, like hiring a more diverse staff and being more transparent, to build trust between the newsroom and their audience, according to Trust Project CEO Sally Lehrman during a brunch workshop at the International Symposium of Online Journalism (ISOJ). Over the last 20 years, trust in traditional news outlets has declined. …  Read More

Here’s why journalists should be on TikTok

TikTok is a social media hotbed for communities, culture, creativity, and disinformation, making it an invaluable tool for journalists, said Laura Garcia, the training and support manager at First Draft.  More and more people are downloading TikTok. Where people go, so should journalists, Garcia said. She showed attendees at the International Symposium on Online Journalism …  Read More

Journalists struggle with government science denialism as they report on COVID-19

As the coronavirus continues to devastate many parts of the world, journalists are grappling with the best way to cover the disease as information changes and amid a culture of science denialism.  Four science reporters discussed the state of journalism during a pandemic at the International Symposium on Online Journalism on July 21. The health …  Read More

Machine learning can help newsrooms find stories, advance their goals

Machine learning can help journalists enhance their workflow and find stories that may have been missed otherwise, said Google News Lab teaching fellow Michael Grant during a brunch workshop at the International Symposium of Online Journalism (ISOJ).  The workshop, “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Newsroom,” on July 21 was part of ISOJ’s first-ever …  Read More

Brunch workshop shows how Power BI can help journalists strengthen their data journalism skills

Journalists can create more engaging stories with the help of tools like Power BI, according to journalists at the International Symposium of Online Journalism’s workshop on data journalism. The workshop, titled “No-code data journalism: How to go beyond infographics and engage audiences,” was part of ISOJ’s online-only conference on July 20. Experts showed attendees how …  Read More

ISOJ launches its first ever online-only conference with more speakers, events than ever before

The International Symposium of Online Journalism officially kickstarted its 21st-year conference on July 20. During the opening session, the conference’s founder Professor Rosental Alves said the 2020 symposium is different from previous years not only because it’s ISOJ’s first online-only conference but also because of the problems and the developments that we’re seeing globally. Alves …  Read More