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MoJo Has a New Meaning

During the fourth panel of the International Symposium on Online Journalism on Friday, journalists focused on the hot topic of citizen journalism. Kate Marymont, Executive Editor of The News-Press in Fort Myers, Fla., started the panel off by offering a new meaning for an old word: MoJo, or mobile journalism as she defines it. Reporters …  Read More

Blogging Begins with the Users and the Community

The latest phenomenon in citizen journalism, the blog, took full center in the panel that included the Online News Editor of The Houston Chronicle, Dean Betz. Betz is best known for his work with online participation in the blog section of the Houston Chronicle website.  Working previously for another online blog pool, he edited and …  Read More

Citizen Journalism is Emerging Around the World

Pet photographs, little league statistics and 49th wedding anniversary announcements may not make it into traditional news sources, but these and other quirky topics are increasingly fodder for outlets publishing content from citizen journalists. A panel earlier today addresses the possibilities – and possible problems – raised by citizen journalism. Although she said she prefers …  Read More

Audience Writes the News at Wikinews

Wayne Saewyc spoke Friday about Wikinews, an online news site that offers a unique way for viewers to edit any content on its website. The keyword of Saewyc’s presentation was “community,” emphasizing the idea that it is the readers who decide what appears on Wikinews. “It’s about the community and how we work together and …  Read More

OhmyNews editor says “Every Citizen is a Reporter”

  While the New York Times Online edition is just a “pipe for news delivery,” OhmyNews (English version here) is “a playground for readers,” said Jean Min, a deputy chief of the international division of the country’s liberal online newspaper, OhmyNews, at the 6th International Symposium on Online Journalism. “The attitude of the New York …  Read More

Participatory Journalism: The Essence of Wikipedia

Wiki wiki — Hawaiian for “quick” — is at the root of Wikipedia, a encyclopedia website where any page can be edited by users with the simple click of an “edit this page” button. Andrew Lih, assistant professor at Hong Kong University, compared the different levels of participation between web sites, web logs and “wikis” …  Read More