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Reflections: Social Media and The New Face of Journalism

The use of social media in the realm of journalism was a topic at the 12th Annual ISOJ. One research panel, All About the Tweet and More, got right to that point. The panel included Cindy Royal and Dale Blasingame of Texas State University, Carrie Brown of the University of Memphis, Marcus Messner of VCU, …  Read More

Reflections: Engaging the Community

ISOJ speakers addressed innovative and effective ways to work with the community and have them happily work with the news. VG Multimedia editor-in-chief Espen Hansen presented ways the in which his site excels with community needs right when they need it. When the Icelandic volcano sent massive clouds of dust disrupting air travel, the site …  Read More

Reflection: Research Panel Discusses News Innovation

The first research panel of the 12th International Symposium on Online Journalism conference discussed news innovations and touched on every topic from R&D to education to creativity. Seth Lewis, an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota discussed the use of open APIs by news organizations, explaining that, “news organizations learn from people outside of the …  Read More

Catching Up With’s Warren Webster

Warren Webster, president of Patch Media, spoke on the rise of hyperlocal Saturday afternoon during the 12th International Symposium on Online Journalism. “To point to Vivian Schiller’s point ‘Is this real journalism?’ We say yes,” Webster said, adding that local editors had an average nine-year background in journalism. Patch began on the east coast …  Read More

REPORTR.NET: Research into the sharing of links on Facebook

With social recommendation becoming an increasingly important way that people get the news, the final research paper at ISOJ looked at how news travels on social networks. The research paper by Brian Baresch, Dustin Harp, Lewis Knight and Carolyn Yaschur from the University of Texas at Austin surveyed 78 US Facebook users and the links …  Read More

REPORTR.NET: Research on how journalists are using Twitter

The final research paper at the [Friday session of] ISOJ focused on how newsrooms were using Twitter. Dale Blasingame from Texas State University, San Marcos, looked at how Twitter was changing TV news. (Paper, PDF).He started by saying that a web first approach in newsrooms is no longer enough due to the instant dissemination of …  Read More

Twitter researchers to wrap up first day of 12th annual International Symposium on Online Journalism

The first day of the International Symposium on Online Journalism ends with a panel, called “All About the Tweet and More,” which will focus on social media research. Led by chair Cindy Royal of Texas State University, the panel will explore the ever-changing social media landscape, including the fast-paced world of Twitter. Royal, a professor at …  Read More

Online journalism symposium attracts social media experts

The social media revolution has completely and forever changed the way news is distributed. During a time when social media has become of vital importance for news organizations to engage readers, the International Symposium on Online Journalism presents a panel titled “Engaging the communities with the news,” at 2 p.m. on April 2. Representatives from …  Read More

The buzz: Preparing for ISOJ on Twitter

Last week, I posted a link to the 2010 ISOJ Twitter list as a way to keep up with the major players attending the event this year. It currently only has eight subscribers, so get on the ball and start following it!Along those same lines, here’s a recap of some of the buzz circulating around …  Read More

The symposium Twitter list

The concept of Twitter lists is one that gained a great deal of attention upon first release, but quickly fell to the wayside as no one found a great way to use the idea. There are still countless numbers of lists in existence today, though, and now there’s a new one. The International Symposium on …  Read More