Author: Bernice Chen

Bernice Chen is a volunteer for the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ). She is a public relations junior at the University of Texas at Austin. She currently works as director of digital strategy for The Daily Texan student newspaper and a writing coach for the Moody Writing Support Program.

Journalists from seven countries to present on state of global news media at ISOJ 2023

Global independent journalism has faced significant challenges in recent years, ranging from ongoing threats against reporters to major economic and technological shifts affecting news outlets. At the 24th International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ), journalists from seven countries will present on the state of global news media. The session will take place on Friday, April 14, …  Read More

Learn how digital content provenance can combat misinformation and disinformation at ISOJ 2023 workshop

False news spreads about six times faster than the truth on Twitter, according to a 2018 MIT study. As fake images and videos on the Internet create uncertainty, the Content Authenticity Initiative, a large cross-industry community seeks to improve trust and transparency by making it easy to determine the provenance, or origins, of content online. …  Read More

Learn from Newspack how open-source technology can support news orgs: Don’t miss workshop at ISOJ 2023

In the age of digital journalism, many small publications are struggling to stay afloat as they lack the resources and expertise to adapt to new systems, including CMS, the content management systems used to publish news products. However, open-source platforms and other shared tools have been created to help digital publishers. At the 24th International …  Read More