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No single silver bullet for local news: legacy and digital newsrooms experiment with different editorial and business strategies to make sure nothing gets unreported

For the first time in its 21-year-history, the International Symposium of Online Journalism (ISOJ) was held online only in 2020. To watch this panel, click here. To watch other panels, click here. There’s no single model for local news organizations to survive, so they must spend some of their efforts experimenting editorially and financially to find …  Read More

Ibero-American journalists innovate in content production by using new technologies and seek to create community

The Iberian American Digital Journalism Colloquium, which emerged over the years as an informal post-ISOJ (International Symposium of Online Journalism) conversation among journalists from Latin America, Spain and Portugal attending the symposium, convened an interesting group of innovative journalists for its eleventh edition. Those in attendance shared their experiences and projects at the School of …  Read More

Latin American and Spanish news sites experiment to reach audience and finance quality journalism

(*)For other coverage of the 10th Ibero American Colloquium for Digital Journalism, please see below. In a global context in which the demand for traditional newspapers decreases and in which the use of information and communication technologies grows, journalists are forced to develop ingenious ways in which to deliver their products. Especially in the last …  Read More

News startups and new business models innovate in search for sustainability

Watch video of the news startups panel discussion at ISOJ 2017. To close the 18th International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ), journalists and researchers put news startups and sustainability at center stage. Aron Pilhofer, James B. Steele Chair in Journalism Innovation at Temple University, moderated the panel, “News startups and new business models: Innovation in …  Read More

Success of nonprofit news organizations rests on investing in storytelling, says ISOJ panel

Collaboration and diversity — heard throughout the first day of the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) — are key to the business model for nonprofit news organizations, which can lead to ground-breaking coverage like The Panama Papers, said panelists on Friday, April 15. Peter Bale, CEO of the Center for Public Integrity, offered the …  Read More

Leaders of five news organizations will discuss nonprofit journalism in the United States

Philadelphia’s two daily newspapers made news earlier this year by heading down the path to becoming nonprofit operations, a business model very familiar to leaders of five top nonprofit journalism news outlets who will gather Friday, April 15, at the 2016 International Symposium on Online Journalism. The special keynote panel will be chaired by Emily …  Read More

Audience has many questions for nonprofit online journalism panel

Today’s ISOJ panel on the sustainability of the nonprofit online journalism model sparked a lively discussion that included journalism education, news business models, credibility, and collaboration. Lisa Frazier of The Bay Citizen, the Texas Tribune’s John Thornton, and Gustavo Gorriti of Peru’s IDL-Reporteros each spoke on the solvency of their publications and their outlooks on …  Read More

REPORTR.NET: Is nonprofit journalism sustainable online?

The first panel on day two of the ISOJ tackled one of the big questions in journalism – is nonprofit journalism online sustainable? “We don’t know,” said Lisa Frazier, President & CEO, The Bay Citizen, one of the new startups in this area. The Bay Citizen has a clear civic mission to provide local news …  Read More

Panel to discuss sustainability of nonprofit journalism

Nonprofit news organizations have been popping up on the Internet in the past couple of years, but the growing concern is: Will these news sites sustain their operations once foundation grants and donations run out? This topic will be dissected by leaders of nonprofit journalism sites from the United States and Peru at the International …  Read More