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Audience has many questions for nonprofit online journalism panel

Today’s ISOJ panel on the sustainability of the nonprofit online journalism model sparked a lively discussion that included journalism education, news business models, credibility, and collaboration. Lisa Frazier of The Bay Citizen, the Texas Tribune’s John Thornton, and Gustavo Gorriti of Peru’s IDL-Reporteros each spoke on the solvency of their publications and their outlooks on …  Read More

REPORTR.NET: Is nonprofit journalism sustainable online?

The first panel on day two of the ISOJ tackled one of the big questions in journalism – is nonprofit journalism online sustainable? “We don’t know,” said Lisa Frazier, President & CEO, The Bay Citizen, one of the new startups in this area. The Bay Citizen has a clear civic mission to provide local news …  Read More

Panel to discuss sustainability of nonprofit journalism

Nonprofit news organizations have been popping up on the Internet in the past couple of years, but the growing concern is: Will these news sites sustain their operations once foundation grants and donations run out? This topic will be dissected by leaders of nonprofit journalism sites from the United States and Peru at the International …  Read More

Texas Tribune’s John Thornton to weigh in on nonprofit news

Austin venture capitalist and Texas Tribune co-founder and chairman John Thornton will bring his business savvy and zeal for sustainable journalism to this year’s ISOJ panel discussion on the nonprofit online news model. As a general partner at Austin Ventures, Thornton has spent 20 years developing technology companies, but the Tribune caters to his interests …  Read More

Day 2 Notes

The symposium’s second day included a fantastic back-to-back firestorm of participatory and non-profit journalism panels, as well as two more great research panels, and ended things with a bang. In the vein of yesterday’s notes, here are my observations from the event’s second and final day.—— Anybody hungover? Surprisingly enough, most attendees were on time for …  Read More

Investing in the news: the nonprofit model

One of the most intriguing panels at the 2010 International Symposium on Online Journalism will be undoubtedly be the panel scheduled for 11:15 a.m. on Saturday, titled Nonprofit Journalism: Models of non-commercial journalism online and their sustainability challenge. As media organizations continue to look for new ways to make money, much talk has centered around the …  Read More