news year: 2011

Reflections: Engaging the Community

ISOJ speakers addressed innovative and effective ways to work with the community and have them happily work with the news. VG Multimedia editor-in-chief Espen Hansen presented ways the in which his site excels with community needs right when they need it. When the Icelandic volcano sent massive clouds of dust disrupting air travel, the site …  Read More

Reflection: Research Panel Discusses News Innovation

The first research panel of the 12th International Symposium on Online Journalism conference discussed news innovations and touched on every topic from R&D to education to creativity. Seth Lewis, an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota discussed the use of open APIs by news organizations, explaining that, “news organizations learn from people outside of the …  Read More

Catching Up With’s Warren Webster

Warren Webster, president of Patch Media, spoke on the rise of hyperlocal Saturday afternoon during the 12th International Symposium on Online Journalism. “To point to Vivian Schiller’s point ‘Is this real journalism?’ We say yes,” Webster said, adding that local editors had an average nine-year background in journalism. Patch began on the east coast …  Read More

ISOJ 2011 closes with discussions of engagement

The 12th International Symposium on Online Journalism ended with the research panel, Beyond the Conversation, Beyond Engagement. Chris Kabwato, from the School of Journalism and Media Studies of the Rhodes University at South Africa chaired the panel that included C.W. Anderson, from the College of Staten Island (CUNY), Alfred Hermida, from the UBC Grad School …  Read More

Egypt and the role of social media

Ahmed El Gody, the senior lecturer and director of New Media Lab Modern Sciences and Arts University, Egypt, discussed the state of Egyptian news media Saturday. (Paper, PDF). Here he explains the role of social media in Egypt’s overall media environment and its impact on the revolution.    Read More

REPORTR.NET: Lessons on how to engage with audiences

Jim Brady, former editor of and, set the tone for a professional panel on engaging the audience at #ISOJ by saying they were going to stick to time and leave plenty of time for questions. First up was Espen Egil Hansen, editor-in-chief of VG Multimedia, Norway. He started by stating that he tells …  Read More

REPORTR.NET: Patch president outlines community strategy

The afternoon keynote at the ISOJ was by Warren Webster, president of Patch Media. Depending on who you listen to, Patch is or isn’t journalism. But it is hiring journalists and has a presence in 800 US towns. It has 50% penetration in these markets and is growing in monthly visits by more than 40%. …  Read More

REPORTR.NET: Research into the sharing of links on Facebook

With social recommendation becoming an increasingly important way that people get the news, the final research paper at ISOJ looked at how news travels on social networks. The research paper by Brian Baresch, Dustin Harp, Lewis Knight and Carolyn Yaschur from the University of Texas at Austin surveyed 78 US Facebook users and the links …  Read More

Audience has many questions for nonprofit online journalism panel

Today’s ISOJ panel on the sustainability of the nonprofit online journalism model sparked a lively discussion that included journalism education, news business models, credibility, and collaboration. Lisa Frazier of The Bay Citizen, the Texas Tribune’s John Thornton, and Gustavo Gorriti of Peru’s IDL-Reporteros each spoke on the solvency of their publications and their outlooks on …  Read More