Symposium Year: ISOJ 2010

Keynote: The Q&A

If writers are audited often, who does that auditing? Kydd: Writers have to be vetted before they’re allowed to start creating content. When people get hired with Demand, they get access to a limited amount of content and articles, and we actually have real copyeditors keeping up with their progress. With our system of plagiarism …  Read More

The Keynote: Steven Kydd of Demand Media

This year’s keynote speech was without a doubt one of the most anticipated in the ISOJ‘s 11 year history. Steven Kydd of Demand Media presented an engaging speech to kick off the events, and impressively, mentioned the controversy surrounding the company first.Ever since Demand, which is the largest contributor of content to YouTube and produces a …  Read More

ISOJ 2010 is live

Mercifully, Mother Nature decided not to make it rain today (although there is still a chance in the forecast), so all attendees are dry as we kick off the 11th International Symposium on Online Journalism.We’re in a beautiful new venue, and with a record-breaking number of papers submitted and some great panels planned, including but …  Read More

Your ISOJ weather forecast

Traditionally, Mother Nature has been teasingly cruel to the ISOJ. For the past few years, the trend has been rain on the first day of the conference, and stifling humidity on the following day. This year, we might not have to deal with same situation. Here’s your current forecast for this weekend’s event.Friday, there’s a …  Read More

Buzzing ISOJ

For all the outlets I mentioned in yesterday’s ISOJ FAQ, I left out one of the most intriguing – and recent – players in the social media world: Google Buzz. Although it hasn’t hit a mass appeal tipping point as of yet, the service is one that’s still getting plenty of use and attention.Joshua Braun …  Read More


The time is nigh. This weekend, professionals and academics alike will converge on Austin for the 11th International Symposium on Online Journalism. As you prepare to travel to our fair city, here some frequently asked questions about the event, with appropriate answers. If you have more questions, feel free to tweet at me, Rosental Alves, …  Read More

Joshua Braun: In His Own Words

Joshua Braun is a self-proclaimed dorky brainiac. But what are labels and tags when it comes to one of the brightest journalism scholars today? Braun, a graduate student at Cornell University, will be representing two papers at this year’s symposium. The first, Models of Restraint: The Adoption of Blogging Software by the U.S. Broadcast News …  Read More

Joseph Vavrus: In His Own Words

All of the papers and panels at this year’s ISOJ will be completely and unequivocally great, but there’s a lot more that goes into planning the event behind the scenes. Joseph Vavrus is a crucial member of that planning team. A graduate research assistant with the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, he assisted with …  Read More

Angela M. Lee: In Her Own Words

The talk of new business models and methods of dissemination for news is everywhere, but the oft-forgotten reality is as innovative and helpful as new technologies and business strategies may be, it is still the audience that really defines what will and will not work. After all, it’s the audience that’s reading the news. That’s …  Read More

The buzz: posts from the ISOJ Twitter list

The best thing about the 11th ISOJ Twitter list is it allows you to get a sense for the event’s attendees that aren’t necessarily related directly to the particular panels they’ll be participating in or papers they’ll be presenting. Similar to last week’s story highlighting some of the buzz leading up to the symposium, let’s do …  Read More