Symposium Year: ISOJ 2010

Participatory Journalism: How the old passive audience of mass media is becoming the new active communities of online media

Dan Gillmor turned the audience at ISOJ on to what has be one of the greatest Twitter accounts in existence, @TheMime.- Wikipedia is the best place to start. It’s the worst place to stop. Jan Schaffer, J-Lab, American University – There are new players in the news ecosystem: fact entrepreneurs, creative technologists, citizen media makers, …  Read More

International innovative experiences in online journalism

Welcome back to the 11th International Symposium on Online Journalism, ladies and gents. Let’s do it again! Harry Dugmore, MTN Chair of Media and Mobile Communications, Rhodes University (South Africa) – We are currently operating in a techno-social flux. – In South Africa, there is low but rapidly improving access to broadband, as well as a …  Read More

Reflecting on the keynote speech

ISOJ 2010:y Steven Kydd Keynote, from Knight Center on Vimeo. The International Online Journalism Symposium kicked off Friday with a dynamic and unperturbed presentation from Demand Media’s Steven Kydd about journalism’s role with art and science. Kydd began by highlighting how members of the media and professional journalists don’t typically harmonize with the ideals of Demand …  Read More

Day 1 Notes

The first day of the 11th International Symposium on Online Journalism was a doozy, with many great panels, discussions and enlightening facts. With that in mind, here are my own personal notes and observations from the activities of the conference’s first day. It didn’t rain. Lately, the Friday session of the symposium has always been associated …  Read More

The Dallas Morning News CEO talks innovation strategy at ISOJ 2010

James Moroney III, publisher and CEO of The Dallas Morning News, gave a short interview on innovation in the news industry while at the 2010 International Symposium on Online Journalism. In a moment of humility, when asked how his paper measures up, he said the DMN and other legacy newspaper outlets could stand to lend …  Read More

Thinking Differently – What are the innovations in the journalism scholarship/profession today?

Dean Graber, The University of Texas at Austin– Community radio: locally owned and operated radio stations, ran entirely by citizens. – Community radio lacks the filters and gateway keepers of larger radio stations. – The funding from community radio comes from listeners and small business “underwriters.” – Stations commit to involving groups missing from the …  Read More

Where do newspaper companies go from here?

The third panel at International Online Journalism Symposium tackled the big one: how can newspaper companies survive in the digital era. Session chair Earl Wilkinson, executive director and CEO, International Newsmedia Marketing Association (INMA), set the tone by talking about headlines predicting the death of newspapers. But in his view, newspapers are facing an economic …  Read More

The mobile devices panel continued

Kinsey Wilson, of NPR fame.– NPR runs an open API process with their content, and receives over 50 million API requests per month. – NPR is betting on Android and Apple to be the two main sources of apps, and the rest will be addressed on the mobile site. In other words, they’ve decided not …  Read More

Mobile News: How journalism is adapting to the new tablet computers, e-readers and smartphones

Joshua Benton loves his iPad. And Alfred Hermida has one. Anyway, onto the panel! Journalism on mobile devices is a fascinating topic. Benton said that BlackBerry users still dominate over iPhone users, but that iPhone users use the internet much more than BlackBerry users. And, not surprisingly, iPhone users dominate the use of apps. The …  Read More