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Going Mobile: Challenges and opportunities for journalists and news organizations in the mobile revolution

An astute panel of reporters, media gurus and scholars from around the world agreed that although the mobile revolution can be stressful, journalists are pioneering an unchartered territory of storytelling by thinking forward with the use of mobile devices and applications to produce news. During the second day of the 14th annual International Symposium on …  Read More

Chris Courtney: “Assume you’re doing it wrong. Talk to your costumers. Don’t build anything before you know who they are.”

ISOJ 2013: Chris Courtney, of the Texas Tribune, speaks during the 14th International Symposium on Online Journalism, from Knight Center on Vimeo. Chris Courtney’s presentation at ISOJ was Rock’n’Roll, not just because of its pop culture references. Courtney, a developer for the Chicago Tribune’s News Application team who helped to launch hundreds of media products, …  Read More

Scholars focus their attention at ISOJ on ‘innovative approaches in the global news ecosystem’

  A diverse panel of academics will tackle the topic of “innovative approaches in the global news ecosystem,” to be chaired by Indiana University associate professor Mark Deuze, on April 20, the final day of the 14th International Symposium on Online Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. In his book Managing Media Work, …  Read More

ISOJ conference to cover main issues of digital journalism, from industry’s disruption to mobile revolution

Journalists, media executives and scholars from around the world will converge at the University of Texas at Austin, once again, for the International Symposium on Online Journalismon April 19 and 20. This year, the program will cover some of the most relevant issues for journalism today, such as media companies’ response to the disruption of …  Read More

Reading Readers: Research on the News Community

Audience preference and editorial judgment: A study of time-lagged influence in online news Angela M. Lee, University of Texas at Austin and Seth C. Lewis, University of Minnesota  Through data analysis of three online papers — The New York Times, the New York Post, and the New York Daily News — Lee and Lewis found …  Read More

Bob Metcalfe on Journalism Startups

Fitting into a theme that has permeated the symposium, Bob Metcalfe, who was responsible for developing the media rainforest’s irrigation system, the Ethernet, didn’t pretend to have a catchall scheme to monetize news. During Saturday’s opening keynote speech, Metcalfe suggested a model of micro payments in which readers make fractional payments for interesting content. “How …  Read More

Journalists and the Mobile Revolution

Pedro Doria, digital platforms editor at O Globo newspaper, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil “Pictures are cheap but look expensive,” Steve Jobs said of the iPad. Doria said O Globo uses this approach in its tablet application with many stories, including a visual piece in which photographers took photos of the landscapes from historical paintings. Before …  Read More

The mobile devices panel continued

Kinsey Wilson, of NPR fame.– NPR runs an open API process with their content, and receives over 50 million API requests per month. – NPR is betting on Android and Apple to be the two main sources of apps, and the rest will be addressed on the mobile site. In other words, they’ve decided not …  Read More

Mobile News: How journalism is adapting to the new tablet computers, e-readers and smartphones

Joshua Benton loves his iPad. And Alfred Hermida has one. Anyway, onto the panel! Journalism on mobile devices is a fascinating topic. Benton said that BlackBerry users still dominate over iPhone users, but that iPhone users use the internet much more than BlackBerry users. And, not surprisingly, iPhone users dominate the use of apps. The …  Read More