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Dallas Morning News’ Jim Moroney Seeks Answer to Revenue Struggle

  Recognizing that the news industry must change their revenue sources, Jim Moroney, CEO of A.H.Belo and publisher and CEO at The Dallas Morning News, continues to search for the answer to this complicated problem. “So what is the right business model? You got audience in both places, one maybe monetizes more than the other,” …  Read More

ISOJ Keynote: Jim Bankoff, Vox Media CEO, to talk about how to build a media company in the digital era

Influential journalist Ezra Klein’s decision to leave the Washington Post — where he created the popular Wonkblog — and join online publisher Vox Media is the perfect example of the growing importance of the young yet incredibly successful company. “We are just at the beginning of how journalism should be done on the web,” Klein, …  Read More

ISOJ: News industry must drop legacy model, embrace disruption to survive, says Deseret News CEO Clark Gilbert

There is a way for news organizations that have grown and thrived under legacy models to survive – they have to drop it. That, in a nutshell, is the message that Deseret News CEO Clark Gilbert gave during his keynote panel at the first session of the International Symposium on Online Journalism on Friday April 19.  Gilbert, a former …  Read More

Clark Gilbert talks about “Innovation, Journalism and Future of journalism” at 14th Annual ISOJ Conference

Guests at the 14th annual International Symposium on Online Journalism received a special treat to kick off the conference. Clark Gilbert, President and CEO of the Deseret News Publishing Company and Deseret Digital Media, delivered a keynote speech to a packed house at UT’s Blanton Museum of Art’s auditorium titled, “Innovation, Journalism and the Future of Newspaper” on …  Read More

A profitable model: How The Dallas Morning News plans to change the game

  “Hope is not a strategy,” said Jim Moroney, CEO of The Dallas Morning News, on Friday at the International Symposium on Online Journalism. According to Moroney, the old ways of creating quality journalism no longer provide a profitable business model, and that simply hoping that ad and print revenue will “level out” is an …  Read More

Gerber touts Google’s One Pass, hints at mobile applications

Jim Gerber, director of content partnerships with Google, opened a panel discussion, during the 12th ISOJ, of the challenges to paid news content by citing three critical areas: (1) sustaining traffic while bringing in and maintaining advertising without alienating consumers; (2) managing access and revenue models; and (3) selling across multiple platforms. Gerber then focused …  Read More

Increasing Online Revenues Not Matching Print Downfalls

The growth in online advertising is not enough to compensate for decreasing revenues from the downslide of print ads. So, how are mainstream media outlets making up the difference? During a International Symposium on Online Journalism panel titled The Transformations of Business Models- How the Online Audience and Revenues are Changing how Newspapers do Business, …  Read More