news year: 2005

Panelists Share Online Advertising Strategies

If online journalism is to survive, it must provide content that is relevant to a broad-based audience, according to members of a panel that addressed advertising’s role in financing online journalism. “Ad revenues from online ads have a lot of growth potential,” said Steve Yelvington, internet strategist for Morris Digital Works. Ad revenues contributed 50 …  Read More

Nora Paul Defines Interactive Multimedia

Nora Paul does not like “squishy” terms such as “interactive multimedia.” She was once told that an interactive multimedia presentation consisted of a story on the Web in which the byline was a hyperlink to the writer’s bio, and there was a link to a video on the same page. She was not pleased with …  Read More

Using Multimedia to Save the Media

Jane Stevens believes that we have reached the end of journalism as we know it. Stevens, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley School of Journalism and freelance multimedia journalist, said that while many of her students scramble to find a way to save print journalism, she wants to save journalism itself. “There …  Read More

OhmyNews Meets The New York Times

The editor of likes the OhmyNews approach to journalism, up to a point. “I like the brokerage function of OhmyNews, said Len Apcar, editor-in-chief of the New York Times on the Web. “I like the idea of setting up a meeting between readers and politicians or officials.” Apcar said about 50 people, including 10 …  Read More

News Coverage: Past, Present, and Future

  The nature of online journalism has changed drastically since its inception in the early 1990s, but that evolution is nowhere near complete. Events such as the Iraqi War, and even the World Cup, are covered far differently today than they would have been five years ago. Similar events will be covered differently in the …  Read More

Audience Writes the News at Wikinews

Wayne Saewyc spoke Friday about Wikinews, an online news site that offers a unique way for viewers to edit any content on its website. The keyword of Saewyc’s presentation was “community,” emphasizing the idea that it is the readers who decide what appears on Wikinews. “It’s about the community and how we work together and …  Read More

Blogging as our newsworthy personal history

J.D. Lasica is a veteran journalist who doesn’t believe in the media as a news provider anymore. Blogger and author of “Darknet: Hollywood’s War against the Digital Generation,” Lasica thinks that the new role of our media is actually its oldest function- to explore ourselves. The way to do it is through what he calls …  Read More

The Confession of a Blogger: “I am the media”

Chuck Olsen admits that being a blogger doesn’t necessarily make you a good journalist. “But I write and post about what I like,” Olsen adds, highlighting one of the pleasures of the new democratic media. Author of the documentary film called Blogumentary, Olsen is now involved in videoblogging: “I post at least one video per …  Read More

OhmyNews editor says “Every Citizen is a Reporter”

  While the New York Times Online edition is just a “pipe for news delivery,” OhmyNews (English version here) is “a playground for readers,” said Jean Min, a deputy chief of the international division of the country’s liberal online newspaper, OhmyNews, at the 6th International Symposium on Online Journalism. “The attitude of the New York …  Read More

Gillmor Encourages Audience Participation as Symposium Begins

The future of journalism in the digital age is dependent on the continued growth of participation from a worldwide audience, Dan Gillmor said during his presentation to inaugurate the 6th International Symposium on Online Journalism at The University of Texas at Austin. The renowned author of “We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for …  Read More