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Jarvis Stresses Cooperation Among Media

Jeff Jarvis started the first day of the International Symposium on Online Journalism with a keynote speech emphasizing cooperation among competitors in the media, suggesting such radical ideas as sending readers to other papers and nixing bylines, newsrooms and journalists’ egos. It’s understandable that Jarvis is a self-proclaimed “cock-eyed optimist” when it comes to the future …  Read More

Blogging Begins with the Users and the Community

The latest phenomenon in citizen journalism, the blog, took full center in the panel that included the Online News Editor of The Houston Chronicle, Dean Betz. Betz is best known for his work with online participation in the blog section of the Houston Chronicle website.  Working previously for another online blog pool, he edited and …  Read More

Blogging Grows as a Popular Section in Online Journalism

Blogging is hardly a new phenomenon, but the results that come out of it will continue to help journalists in new ways, several senior editors say. At the 7th annual International Symposium on Online Journalism, four panelists hailing from online editions of newspapers shared their thoughts about the direction of citizen journalism, and how users …  Read More

Newspaper’s Online Forums Go Unused

At a panel Saturday about blogging and online forums, Young-Gil Chae, a doctoral student in Radio-TV-Film at the University of Texas, showed contrasting panoramas. On the one hand, he showed the audience at the International Online Journalism Symposium a Korean website where news and user reactions shared privileged front-page space. On the other, Chae displayed …  Read More

Blogs: Cheerleading or a Democratic Force?

The influence of bloggers in exposing the flawed story about the military service of George W. Bush raised questions about the power of this media in relation to mainstream news organizations. Bloggers made CBS News retract its story, and the episode ultimately led to Dan Rather’s resignation. Was this combined with a few more publicized …  Read More

Blogging as our newsworthy personal history

J.D. Lasica is a veteran journalist who doesn’t believe in the media as a news provider anymore. Blogger and author of “Darknet: Hollywood’s War against the Digital Generation,” Lasica thinks that the new role of our media is actually its oldest function- to explore ourselves. The way to do it is through what he calls …  Read More

The Confession of a Blogger: “I am the media”

Chuck Olsen admits that being a blogger doesn’t necessarily make you a good journalist. “But I write and post about what I like,” Olsen adds, highlighting one of the pleasures of the new democratic media. Author of the documentary film called Blogumentary, Olsen is now involved in videoblogging: “I post at least one video per …  Read More

Dan Gillmor’s Move from Mainstream to Grassroots Journalism

In his final, farewell column in the San Jose Mercury News, the respected technology journalist Dan Gillmor said Silicon Valley’s “willingness — no, eagerness — to take risks has always been the valley’s most special quality.” Silicon Valley’s culture of risk-taking has undoubtedly rubbed off on Gillmor during the 10 or so years he has …  Read More

Is Blogging A New Form of Journalism?

The emerging practice of blogging raises new questions about the nature of journalism and the role of the journalist, researchers said in a panel discussion Saturday at the fifth annual International Symposium on Online Journalism. “A cross between a column, a news story and a journal, the journalist’s weblog (or J- blog) has started to …  Read More